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Q+A - Sunday August 16



This week on Q+A...

1. There were more grim forecasts for the economy this week – does the Government need a new plan?  Political Editor Corin Dann interviews Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce. 

2. Reporter Kim Savage heads to the Waikato to find out whether the dairy downturn is impacting the small towns that rely on farming business.

3. Aged Care worker Kristine Bartlett has helped open a new front in the battle for equal pay – Employment Lawyer Christie Hall updates us on the case and tells us what her victory could mean for all workers and their bosses.

4. And Dita de Boni looks at the UK Labour Party leadership contest – why does a veteran left winger look set to win?

Our panel:  Dr Bryce Edwards, Dr Deborah Russell and Matthew Hooton.

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