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The future of New Zealand's economy is discussed in What Next?


In tonight's episode, New Zealand called for a trial of the Universal Basic Income as co-hosts Nigel Latta and John Campbell focused on our economy and possible responses to future job losses.

When Kiwis were asked if their jobs will exist in 20 years, 80% of New Zealanders believe that it will, despite growing evidence that technology and automation will replace jobs across the country. 

Nigel and John presented one alternative to a future with less jobs - the controversial Universal Basic Income which is already being trialled in 15 countries around the world.

A study by the University of Auckland found that 57% of New Zealanders believe that if incomes were equal, people would be less inclined to work hard.  Yet when asked if New Zealand should trial a Universal Basic Income, 72% of Kiwis said yes, we should.

Looking at the future of business in New Zealand, Nigel discussed removing profit as a motivation for business with the Futurists, who collectively pushed for a change in the way we conduct business. New Zealand also agreed, with 80% of Kiwis saying profit should not be the most important thing in business.

Nigel and John presented another alternative to our curent business model - democratic business, which enables consensus-based decision making and provides equal pay with a share in profits. The majority of New Zealand supports this model with 78% of Kiwis willing to take a pay cut if they got to share in the profits. 

The final question Nigel and John put to New Zealand is: should we go with Plan A - maintaining the status quo when it comes to our economy, with a small tweaks? Or Plan B – taking a more radical course now to create a New Zealand that promotes social inclusion and reduced inequality over profit? Have your say at whatnext.nz

John and Nigel continue the conversation tomorrow night. Wednesday’s episode will look at how our lifestyles are likely to be impacted by 2037, LIVE at 8.30pm on TVNZ 1 and tvnz.co.nz.

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