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What Next? looks at the future of our environment


In tonight's episode, co-hosts Nigel Latta and John Campbell focused on New Zealand's environment, and how we can sustain it until 2037 and beyond. 

Tonight's survey results tell us that Kiwis do believe that climate change is happening, and that individuals have the power to fight it. They also believe that  New Zealand's farming traditions are important to our country, yet they're open to new, more environmentally-freindly types of farming. 

80% of New Zealand said that farming is important to our country, but when asked if they would eat bugs instead of beef to save the environment, 51% of Kiwis said yes. Currently 50 million people around the world get their protein from insects. Could New Zealand be next? 

Men were most reluctant to switch to an insect diet with 70% refusing to swap beef for bugs, while women were more open to it - 48% are willing to make the change. 

Nigel and John looked at the future of protein alternatives in New Zealand, including pea-based 'chickenless chicken' and synthetic meats.

New Zealand voted with its wallet. 58% of Kiwis would prefer to  invest in synthetic meats than traditional farming.

These diet changes are essential to reducing climate change, which according to a study by the University of Auckland, 84% of New Zealanders agree is happening (7% disagree, while 9% remain neutral), with 75% of Kiwis believing that it's caused by humans.

Nigel and John asked New Zealand: “do you think you can personally help fight climate change?"

New Zealand’s response was definitive. 92% of New Zealand believe they can fight climate change on an individual level.

The final question Nigel and John put to New Zealand is: should we go with Plan A - maintaining the status quo when it comes to environmental conservation, with a small tweaks? Or Plan B – taking a more radical course now to create a New Zealand capable of adapting our farming practices to better suit our environment? Have your say at whatnext.nz

John and Nigel continue the conversation tomorrow night. Tuesday’s episode will look at how your job, and the economy, is likely to be impacted by 2037, LIVE at 8.30pm on TVNZ 1 and tvnz.co.nz.

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