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Survivor Superfan Sent Packing


Tonight’s premiere of Survivor New Zealand saw 16 fresh-faced Kiwi Survivors arrive on the unforgiving shores of Nicaragua where they took their places in the world’s toughest game.

But it was self-confessed Superfan Dee whose Survivor stint was cut short when she was sent packing in the season’s first shock elimination.

Before host Matt Chisholm (Fair Go) had even sorted the Survivors into their Tribes, Dee, a Customer Service Representative from Auckland, raised her hand to be the game’s villain, stating “if it means winning the game, why wouldn’t you do whatever it takes?”

Before landing in the purple Hermosa Tribe Dee went on to add, “This is my game. This is my passion. I know how to mess with people. But I also know how to get them to trust me. And I’m funny. I’m charming. I’ve got it all.”

After mere hours in Nicaragua, the Survivors were knocked for six when Matt announced that at the end of the first day two people would be eliminated from each Tribe.

As both the Hermosa and Mogoton Tribes scurried to build their shelters before nightfall, alliances began to form, and sneaky strategies were established.

At Tribal Council, kindergarten teacher Hannah was axed from the tribe by her Mogoton mates, while Hermosa decided - by a sweeping majority - that Dee’s time was up. With five of her Tribe voting her out, it was the blistering blindside Dee didn’t see coming.

27-year-old Business Analyst and fellow Hermosa Tribe Mate Michael said on casting his vote, “Dee – you’re an awesome girl, but this is a tribe of heroes, and you’re a villain.”

It seemed that the Tribe had spoken and the fate of two Survivors was sealed. However, a shocking twist caught everyone off guard when Hannah and Dee made a surprise return for one last shot at survival.

“Welcome to Redemption Island!” Chisholm proclaimed.

Redemption Island offers an opportunity for Survivors to duel their way back into the competition. Tribe members voted out arrive at Redemption Island to live in isolation with whoever awaits them. The two must then duel in the Redemption Island arena with ex-Tribe mates looking on.

“Lose the duel and you are gone for good. Win – and you live to fight another duel. Survive your duels, and eventually one of you will get an opportunity to re-enter this game.” Chisholm went on to explain.

In the game’s first Redemption Island battle, Hannah and Dee were faced with the challenge: collect three keys on hoops to unlock three padlocks using only bamboo poles. Be the first through the padlocked gate and you live to see another day on the island.

Both girls approached the challenge differently, with Dee opting for strategy, while Hannah went for speed. However, it was speed that ultimately won out, with Hannah securing all three keys in the time Dee had only managed to retrieve two.

While Hannah was sent back to await her next opponent and her next duel, Dee was sent back to New Zealand.

Before tossing her buff in the fire, Dee had some parting words: “One thing that everyone didn’t know is that Survivor is my life... I’m a Survivor Superfan.”

The fallen Survivor went on to add: “There is nothing in the last few days that I would do differently. I think that looking back and over thinking and regretting it is just going to drive you bonkers.”

Survivor New Zealand continues tomorrow night on 2, where for the first time, Immunity is up for grabs, and new targets are in sight.

More than 8,000 people applied, 16 made it to Nicaragua, but there can be only one Sole Survivor!

Survivor New Zealand airs Sundays at 7pm and Mondays at 7.30pm from 7 May on TVNZ 2 or live-streamed at tvnz.co.nz/survivornz. Missed an episode? Catch up on all the twists and turns on OnDemand.

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