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Q + A - Sunday July 17


This week on Q+A...


1. Stephen Jennings is one of our most successful entrepreneurs. The NBR richlister made his fortune in Russia and is now focused on a rising Africa. In a rare TV interview, he talks about why he thinks NZ is too dependent on trading with China, and the issues he believes are of critical concern to NZ’s future – inequality and education.


2. Ahead of a pivotal week for the Government’s plan to improve housing affordability, Finance Minister Bill English talks about what he wants to see in Auckland’s Unitary plan – plus his message for house-hunters who are trying to buy now.


3. New Zealanders like to think we are a human rights leader in the world – but is that really the case? Former Labour MP and Waikato Professor of Law, Margaret Wilson on why she believes we’ve slipped behind.


Our panel: Dr Raymond Miller, Michelle Boag and Mike Williams.


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