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Q + A - Sunday June 19


This week on Q+A...

1. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett came under pressure this week when it was revealed one of her press secretaries had leaked some information about the chairman of the Te Puea Marae.  Political Editor Corin Dann interviews Hurimoana Dennis and asks him if he’s happy with her apology.

2. The UK will go the polls this week to decide whether to stay in the EU. Former Commonwealth Secretary-General Sir Don McKinnon talks about what a vote to leave could mean for the UK and New Zealand.

3. Australian broadcaster Andrew Denton is in NZ to speak to the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. He talks to Greg Boyed about his personal campaign to change Australian law – and NZ’s Medical Association joins the conversation too.

4. And Whena Owen takes a look at air farming – a new export industry that’s getting breathtaking results.

Our panel this weekend: Dr Jennifer Curtin, Laila Harre and Michelle Boag.


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