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Q+A - Sunday August 30



This week on Q+A...

1. Sue Moroney’s paid parental leave bill has been delayed but has a good chance of passing when it’s back before the house in September.  Corin Dann will host a debate between the Labour MP and ACT leader David Seymour, one of the bill’s most vocal opponents.

2. Corin will also interview Mainfreight Group managing director Don Braid about his views on the local and global economy.

3. Maori are over represented in the justice system – as both criminals and victims.  Auckland University law lecturer Khylee Quince talks about why a new approach is needed. 

4. And as Christchurch City Council decides whether to cut services to the redzone, reporter Kim Savage talks to a resident who is adamant he’ll be staying.

Our panel:  Bernard Hickey, Maxine Gay and Jordan Williams.

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