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Q + A - Sunday 11th September


This week on Q+A:


1. Are some young New Zealanders too lazy to take up the jobs that migrants will do? That’s what Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse suggested on Q+A last week. On Sunday, Jessica Mutch takes up the debate with a farm employer, a long time unionist and an advocate for young workers.


2. Then the man that runs New Zealand’s biggest farm talks about the future of dairy, doing more to fix our water problems and the changing face of modern farming. Landcorp CEO Steven Carden is interviewed by Corin Dann.


3. The future seems grim for some of our regions that are facing flat-lining growth or even decline.  But could there be a silver lining? Demographer Professor Paul Spoonley talks solutions in his new book, Rebooting the Regions.



Our panel:  Dr Bryce Edwards, Dr Deborah Russell and Sam Stubbs



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