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Brutal Betrayal Puts First Survivor On The Jury


Survivor New Zealand met its first Jury member last night with the elimination of softly spoken Lee.

The Canonying Guide from Motueka was blindsided when a trusted member of his alliance, Shannon, voted against him at Tribal Council resulting in a massive betrayal and power flip in the game - sending Lee to Redemption Island.

Lee then found himself head to head with close pal and tight-five-alliance teammate Mike, in a puzzle solving race that would determine his survival in the game. Mike gained an early lead across a balancing beam, which saw him complete the puzzle first, securing his survival and eliminating Lee from the competition.

Lee was a big team player contributing to the success of the initial Hermosa tribe and doing his bit around camp including building the tribe's shelter.

He was sad to be leaving the competition but wouldn’t have wanted to go out any other way saying, “I really wish I could have stuck around for a few more weeks but if I had to go out this way, losing to Mike, then I think that’s probably the best way to go out.”

After 22 days in the competition, Lee is gone but not forgotten as he becomes the first member of the Jury meaning he will have a say in who will become New Zealand's first Sole Survivor and walk away with $100,000.

As for betrayer Shannon, Lee still holds a bit of animosity towards her for what she did and hopes she will be next on the Jury so they can have a good chat.


The Sole Survivor will be announced at a LIVE final, held at Auckland’s Civic Theatre on Wednesday 5th July.

Tickets to the LIVE final can be purchased from via the Survivor New Zealand homepage or directly through Ticketmaster



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