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Media Release: TVNZ bringing the AFL to Kiwi homes

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TVNZ is bringing the power and pace of the AFL to Kiwi homes via its Freeview pop-up channel in a multi-year deal signed with the AFL.

Coverage commences this weekend with the Finals Series where nine games (eight played live) will air over the next four weeks.

TVNZ’s Director of Content Jeff Latch says TVNZ is excited to be partnering with the AFL and bringing such an iconic Australian sport to Kiwi lounges in a free-to-air capacity.

“We’re not sure if it will fuel a complete change from NZ’s rugby psyche just yet but we know Kiwis will appreciate the skill and pace of the game.”

TVNZ will also air the AFL’s Weekly Highlights Program and has the rights to air key AFL events including the Season Launch, Australian Football Hall of Fame, Rising Star, All Australian, Grand Final Parade, Brownlow Medal and the AFL Draft.

AFL General Manager – Game Development, Simon Lethlean, shared this sentiment, calling TVNZ’s expanded AFL coverage a great result for fans and potential fans of the game.

“As AFL club, KiwiKick and AFL9’s participation continues to grow in New Zealand so does the interest in watching AFL matches.”

Last month TVNZ secured free-to-air live coverage of PGA, LPGA and European Tour Golf tournaments to air on the Freeview pop-up channel platform through to the end of October.

AFL coverage will kick-off this weekend on Freeview channel 13.


Saturday 12 September:
14:30    AFL – Play Off West Coast v Hawthorn (Replay)
17:00    AFL – Play Off Freemantle v Swans (Live)
21:00    AFL – Play Off Bulldogs v Crows (Live)

Sunday 13 September
09:30    AFL – Play Off West Coast v Hawthorn (Replay)
12:00    AFL – Play Off Freemantle v Swans (Replay)
14:30    AFL – Play Off Bulldogs v Crows (Replay)
17:00    AFL 
 Play Off Richmond v Nth Melbourne (Live)


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