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No Room For Nice Girls


It was neck and neck in the Redemption Island duel tonight on Survivor New Zealand, but it was nice girl Izzy that was sent packing after her stack of balanced dishes crashed to the ground only seconds before her rival, Georgia’s.

After spending 14 days in the competition, Izzy was the fifth person eliminated but took the loss on the chin, having only positive things to say about her experience. She says, “I’m alright. Obviously it sucks losing, but I really appreciate the time I’ve had at Survivor. I’ve learnt so much, I’ve met so many wonderful people, I’ve changed a lot, and I feel like I’m stronger after being here.”

The oil rig stewardess and beauty pageant queen was underestimated by her Mogoton tribe early on in the game and felt she was having to constantly prove herself useful around camp and in team challenges.

In the very first challenge, she made herself known with her quick to think attitude, stealing a haul of food and tools from rival tribe Hermosa’s collection, only to return a knife to the bare Hermosa mat for good grace. Izzy showed a strong physical game, lasting longer than most others in the wall standing challenge and beating ex-tribe mate Tony in her first Redemption Island duel through a rope obstacle course. Well-liked in her tribe, Izzy pulled on viewers heartstrings when she constructed a cake from sand to celebrate Sala’s daughter’s birthday back home.

Now, with new tribes in play, the scrambling begins for the remaining Survivors, as those on the bottom seek to work their way up while Georgia awaits her next competitor at the Redemption Island arena.


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