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The 55-year-old ex-army veteran is the third contender eliminated from Survivor New Zealand tonight. The nimble Oil Rig Stewardess and ex-Mogoton teammate Izzy bet him to the finish line in an obstacle course race on Redemption Island.

Connected to a piece of rope, Tony and Izzy had to wind through an elaborate obstacle course, following rope under objects and towers, all the while untying a series of three knots. Izzy’s youth and agility saw her take a substantial lead over Tony, despite his gallant efforts.

Tony was accepting of his loss. He said, “I’m feeling a little bit disappointed my Survivor journey has come to an end. It’s all been a bit sooner than I had planned.” Although he was gutted, he still wished everyone in the game all the best.

The former Infantry Sergeant and Instructor, known around camp for his gift of the gab, had spent many years in the outdoors including a few years in the tropics and was perhaps considered the most equipped contestant for surviving the conditions. He quickly took on a leadership role in the Mogoton camp from Day One, putting his years of survival knowledge to good use in building the tribe’s shelter and starting the campfire.

Tony ended up on Redemption Island after receiving majority of votes at Tribal Council, including one from Shay, a member of his tight four alliance. Winning his first duel against another ex-Mogoton member, Hannah, his second duel wasn’t so successful.  Although he didn’t secure a win, he did get the opportunity to confront his betrayer Shay and outed her as the “weakest link in the team.”

Unfortunately for Tony, he will never have the opportunity to win a duel against Shay on Redemption Island. For him, it’s back to his wife, his dogs, and six cockatiels in Gisborne, with the hope to see Shay's head on the block next.


Survivor New Zealand continues tomorrow night on 2, where a shock evacuation that shakes the game to it’s core.

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