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Tiny Dancer Sashays Away


After 17 days in the competition, Georgia – the Tiny Dancer from Palmerston North – was eliminated from Survivor New Zealand tonight, in a do-or-die Redemption Island duel against ex-Mogoton member Shay.

Considered one of the strongest competitors in the game, Georgia entered the high-stakes duel knowing that winning would see her re-enter the competition as a member of the soon-to-be-merged tribe, Casar. 

Tonight’s duel required both contestants to build a house of cards using 130 wooden tiles. The first person to build a three-metre tower would officially re-enter the game.

With a steady hand, Shay took an early lead while Georgia became increasingly flustered as her cards toppled time and time again. But Georgia got a chance to get back in the game when Shay, running out of cards, had to pluck surplus tiles from her foundations.

With scarcely a tile between them, and minutes remaining on the clock, Georgia was mere inches from the three-metre mark when her entire tower collapsed to a pile in the sand, leaving Shay the time she needed to complete the challenge and take her place back in the competition.

Before throwing her buff in the fire, Georgia said although it was ‘devastating’ to not have made merge she had given her all and had loved every moment of it.

“I’ve learnt that I’m a strong, young female. And I think I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything and overcome so many things. I gave this game everything. My one goal was to make that merge – I just can’t believe I haven’t. It’s been an amazing experience, and I’ve loved every minute.”

Georgia’s departure from Redemption Island meant it was time for the Hermosa and Mogoton to finally merge into the newly formed tribe, Casar.

Any Survivor voted out at Tribal Council from this point begins to form the ‘Jury’. The seven who make up the Jury will ultimately decide who will become New Zealand’s first Sole Survivor.

The Sole Survivor will be announced at a LIVE final, held at Auckland’s Civic Theatre on Wednesday 5th July.

Tickets to the LIVE final can be purchased from via the Survivor New Zealand homepage or directly through Ticketmaster



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